Let Chic tea save your weekday workday

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(Summary description)The farthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but Monday to Friday.

Let Chic tea save your weekday workday

(Summary description)The farthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but Monday to Friday.

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  • Time of issue:2017-12-26 14:39
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The farthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but Monday to Friday.
If life is just like seeing it, I just hope that there will be no Monday.
The evil Monday has passed.
Still getting up on Tuesday, waiting for the Nth restart
Did you feel a little sleepy when you got up?
Feel like you can save it?
Come to the cup of coffee
Let work go back to a good state!
Chad has introduced one of the four main coffee producing areas of the world, the coffee beans of Central and South America, which are now brewed into coffee, with fresh cream or chocolate sauce or fragrant milk, giving you a different heart, very suitable for work. Little friends.
Beautiful coffee fruit
[Chic Tea] Mocha Coffee
The earliest Mocha refers to a coffee bean exported from the port of Mocha in Yemen. It is produced in Africa's Ethiopia, the most acidic one in coffee, and Mocha is also known as "Ethiopia".
The name of Mocha Coffee originated from Mocha, a seaside town in the Red Sea in Yemen. This place monopolized the export trade of coffee in the 15th century. In Europe, “Mocha coffee” may refer to this type of beverage, or it may simply refer to coffee made from Mocha coffee beans.
CafeMocha is one of the oldest coffees made from a mixture of espresso, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and milk.
[Chic Tea] Mocha Coffee introduces natural coffee beans from Central and South America. It is brewed into coffee for brewing, with fresh cream and chocolate sauce. The rich milk flavor is accompanied by a strong chocolate flavor, which is healthy and delicious.
Take a bite, cream, milk, chocolate and coffee in order, the acidity, aroma, alcohol of the coffee, the sweetness of the warm milk and the sweetness of the chocolate syrup. This taste is very wonderful, the layering is very good, and the taste is very dense. . It is also a low caffeine drink, which is very suitable for women and those who are afraid of heavy caffeine.
[Chic Tea] Latte
"Latte" is the transliteration of the Italian "Latte". Coffee Latte is a kind of fancy coffee. The perfect combination of coffee and milk, Italian latte is pure milk and coffee, American style Iron replaces some of the milk with milk foam, which is mostly the local latte.
The origin of the "Latte" is the famous "I am not in the cafe, just on the way to the cafe" is a musician said in Vienna. In the air of Vienna, there is always the smell of music and Latte coffee. The first one to add milk to coffee was the Viennese - Kirchsky.
Latte is also known as fresh milk coffee, a classic blend of Italian espresso and milk.
[Chic Tea] Latte coffee imported from Central and South America is now brewed into coffee brewing, plus Nestle milk, aromatic coffee flavor and natural milk milk, no burden to health.
The taste is rich and the flavor is excellent. The perfect blend of aromatic coffee and natural milk makes the original bitter coffee become smooth and sweet, sweet and rich, so that you can immerse yourself in the taste of latte.
[Chic Tea] Viennese Coffee
Viennese is the most famous coffee in Austria. It was invented by a coachman named Ein Schubner. Perhaps for this reason, people today occasionally call Viennese coffee a "single-headed carriage".
The world's people are fascinated by the sweet flavor of thick cream and chocolate. Snowy whipped cream, sipping hot hot coffee through sweet chocolate syrup, cold whipped cream, is a different flavor.
[Chic Tea] The introduction of Viennese coffee in Central and South America natural coffee beans are now ground into coffee for brewing, with fresh cream, and the rich milk flavor exudes a strong coffee flavor. Nutrition is healthy without burden.
Viennese coffee is similar to American Mocha coffee. The biggest skill of tasting Viennese coffee is not to stir the coffee, but to enjoy the three-stage happiness in the cup.
The first is the cold cream, soft and refreshing; then the fragrant coffee, but the lubrication is slightly bitter; the last is the sweet syrup, the key moment of dissolution and dissolution, bringing you a treasure-like surprise.
Drinking a cup of Viennese coffee is a great opportunity to relax and unwind.
A good cup of coffee is not just a pure drink, it is also a personal experience. In any case, coffee is worth trying, maybe you will have a different understanding of it.
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