There is a feeling called matcha control

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(Summary description)It is not difficult to find out that there are many foods in the dessert shops, bakeries and cafes on the market, such as matcha cake, matcha latte, matcha cake, etc. They are always labeled with matcha labels. White-collar and the darling of the majority of young people. I have asked many relatives and friends before and asked if they know what Matcha is? 

There is a feeling called matcha control

(Summary description)It is not difficult to find out that there are many foods in the dessert shops, bakeries and cafes on the market, such as matcha cake, matcha latte, matcha cake, etc. They are always labeled with matcha labels. White-collar and the darling of the majority of young people. I have asked many relatives and friends before and asked if they know what Matcha is? 

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  It is not difficult to find out that there are many foods in the dessert shops, bakeries and cafes on the market, such as matcha cake, matcha latte, matcha cake, etc. They are always labeled with matcha labels. White-collar and the darling of the majority of young people. I have asked many relatives and friends before and asked if they know what Matcha is? Most people's answers are: green and green, and the smell of tea, green tea! Actually, matcha and green tea are two distinct teas. Next, Xiaobian will briefly talk about the difference between "matcha" and its "green tea".
The origin of matcha
  Many friends may think that Matcha is from Japan. In fact, the ancestors of Matcha are in China. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, people used to make the spring leaves of spring tea steamed, and then made it into a cake tea. Before eating it, put it on the fire and bake it to dryness, then grind it into powder with natural stone grinding, and finally inject boiling water with snacks. Drinking, summed up is steaming --with snacks. However, in the Ming Dynasty, this way of drinking tea was gradually replaced by the way of tea soaking and slag, which led to the disappearance of Matcha Tea Road in China.
The difference between matcha and green tea
1. Different picking seasons
  High-quality green tea is generally picked before the Ching Ming Festival, and the picking of Matcha is often postponed until May. Because of the prolongation of the tea growing season, the tea polyphenols in the Matcha have less bitter taste than the green tea, and the Matcha products have no bitter taste.
2. Matcha should be shed for growth
  The shed resists the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight for the growth of Matcha, which makes the matcha contain more chlorophyll and amino acids. Therefore, from the appearance, the color of Matcha is emerald green, and there is no faint yellow color made by green tea.
3. Different milling processes
  Matcha powder is made by hand stone grinding, which is more delicate than the particles of green tea powder milled by machine. Therefore, when foaming, matcha powder has more foam than green tea powder. It is also because of such a time-consuming and laborious process that the price of matcha powder is relatively expensive.
4. Different smells
  Matcha has a growth cycle longer than green tea for more than a month, so it contains more amino acids, so matcha has a fresh, fragrant taste compared to green tea with only tea odor.
5. Different nutritional values
  Matcha is rich in essential nutrients and trace elements of the human body. The main ingredients are tea polyphenols, caffeine, free amino acids, chlorophyll, protein, aromatic substances, cellulose, vitamin C, A, B, E, K, H, etc. Nearly 30 kinds of trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.
  Although green tea also has a very high nutritional value, the brewed tea soup is more water-soluble nutrients, accounting for only 1/3 of all nutrients, and the rest are thrown away together with the tea residue. Matcha powder is boiled in boiling water and then drunk. In terms of nutrient retention, this way of eating tea is far superior to brewing tea. Studies have shown that the nutrients in a bowl of Matcha exceed 30 cups of ordinary green tea. .
Three small ways to identify Matcha:
1. Color: After the true matcha powder is exposed to sunlight for more than half an hour, the color will become lighter, and the green tea powder with added pigment will not change.
2. Taste: Matcha powder does not have a bitter taste after being watered, but a very fragrant feeling. On the contrary, green tea powder will have a smell of tea after brewing water.
  You can control the sip of the matcha, you can drink a good matcha drink like the prince, and the following small series will recommend it to you.
1. Red bean matcha milk: from the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, the fragrant matcha tea, with the full red beans of Taiwan Wandan Township, slowly poured into the full flavor of fresh milk, topped with a layer of milky thick cream, red beans Sweet, matcha scent, a mouthful of milk, and the prince of the prince's matcha!
2. Matcha milk: Because this drink is a hot drink, it is only a delicious matcha drink that can be enjoyed in winter. It will always appear in the hands of matcha control every winter, warm and intimate!
3. Matcha milk cap series: Milk powder from New Zealand with Mazola cheese powder, added to the matcha powder in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and put it into a natural cream to make it a milky cover. The taste is smooth and salty, whether it is with Oolong tea. It is still aroma of black tea and fragrant green tea. It tastes great!

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